Brock Rocks

September 24, 2013

An update, with pictures

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Brock had his port removed two weeks ago and he’s so excited! The surgeon kept it for him in a little container and Brock will show anyone who will look. He’s pretty proud of it.

The surgeon also stitched up his feeding tube hole (because the feeding tube had been out for 3 weeks and the hole still hadn’t closed on its own). Unfortunately, that same area is starting to look a little red and possibly infected so we’re going back to the surgeon this afternoon to have it checked out.


Brock started Pre-K last month and loves everything about it. Jaycie is in 2nd grade and is very excited to have her favorite teacher and her best friend in the same class. Reese started Mother’s Day Out and thinks she’s big stuff with her backpack and lunch box.


Brock wants so badly to swim in the lake once his scars heal. He hasn’t been able to since before he was got cancer at 11 months old. One of the things he’s most excited about after getting rid of his feeding tube is being able to wear footed pjs at night. He couldn’t before, because he had to be hooked up to the feeding pump.


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