Brock Rocks

August 13, 2013

Hellooooooo! (and big news!)

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*tap tap* This thing on?

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I updated you all! We’ve just been busy enjoying summer and less frequent trips to the hem/onc clinic and normal life.

If you’ve been following Brock’s facebook page, you know he’s made great strides in re-learning how to eat. So much, in fact, that he had his feeding tube removed 3 days ago!


In case you haven’t been around since October 2009, Brock quit eating shortly after he was diagnosed with ALL. Then he moved to the pediatric intensive care unit for 7 weeks, was put on a ventilator, and when he came off the vent, wouldn’t eat anything. He wouldn’t even put anything near his mouth. So it’s been a long, long road with YEARS of therapy to get him to the point where he eats enough calories by mouth. We are forever thankful for the 2 speech pathologist who have changed his life.


That doesn’t, however, mean that his feeding issues are over. He still goes to feeding therapy twice a week. He still has strong aversions to many types of food. I imagine it will be years before he ever eats like a “normal” child.

BUT. He eats enough to not require a feeding tube and we are ecstatic. And so is he. He’s SO proud of himself and tells everyone he sees about how he got his “tubey” out.


  1. so happy for Brock! God is so very good and may He continue to bless Brock and your entire family.

    God is Good!! judy cannon

    Comment by judy — August 14, 2013 @ 7:03 am

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!! What a step! I’m sure just having that tube gone will make things better. So proud of Brock and so happy for all of you! Praise be to God. Every good and perfect thing is from above.

    Comment by Cindi Cartwright — August 14, 2013 @ 8:55 am

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!! Brock really DOES…ROCK!!! He is getting SOO big!!! I know you are soo proud!!!

    Love ya!!
    C.O.L.E.’s Foundation
    (Caring Openly, Loving Eternally)
    Sandy Daron

    Comment by Sandy Daron — August 14, 2013 @ 7:47 pm

  4. Praise God for all His blessings. May God continue to keep him well. What an amazing God we have!!! I will continue to pray for him and you. The joy of The Lord is our strength. Love you. Olga Pruett

    Comment by Olga Pruett — August 23, 2013 @ 5:15 pm

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