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February 6, 2013

the end…but not…

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We met with Brock’s oncologist last Wednesday for his last dose of IV chemo and to discuss an end-of-treatment plan.

Jay and I cried.

Not because it was the last dose of IV chemo.
Not because Brock was just 10 days away from the very end of treatment.
Not because we were remembering everything he’s been through.

We cried because Brock’s doctor walked in, sat down, and said

“So. I think we can stop the antifungal medicine whenever he finishes chemo.”

We’re scared to stop the antifungal because what if the fungal infection gets worse. But we’re scared to stay on it because it causes skin cancer. He’s already had one mole biopsied that came back as pre-canceorus, and he has 3 more than need to be looked at.

We’re scared. Or at least I am. Jay might be handling it a little better than me.

Pray that the fungal infection will heal completely. Pray that, as his immune system recovers from 3.5 years of chemo, it will be able to completely eliminate every last bit of aspergillus.
Pray that he stays in remission and that leukemia will never ever be a part of our lives again.
Pray that skin cancer will never ever ever be one of his diagnoses. (This is honestly, the one I’m most worried about).

Tomorrow night Brock takes his last dose of chemo. But it’s not over, friends. There are still things to petition God for.

However, thankfully, mercifully, so much more to praise Him for.


February 5, 2013

Q&A about the bell ringing

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Wait…where do I go?
The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center. Follow the signs for OU Children’s Physicians Building. Go to the tenth floor and look for the crowd of people just north of the elevators. (I really hope it’s north…it’s midnight and I’m second guessing myself. It’s not a huge floor – you’ll find us. Promise.)

Can my kids come?
Yes! Please bring your children! I know it’s kind of at an inconvenient time with after school pick up, etc, but we’d love for your kids to come.

Are you still having a no-more-chemo party?
Yes! Immediately following the bell ringing, we’ll walk over to the 6th floor of the atrium for snacks and fun. Jay and I have been praying the weather will be nice enough for the kids to play outside in the new Children’s Village.

I want to get Brock a gift. What does he like?
Please do not feel like he needs a gift. The love and support from you all during the last 3.5 years has been gift enough! Besides, he JUST had a birthday and Christmas and he doesn’t need one single thing.

But I want to do SOMETHING to celebrate the end of treatment…
A small group of people known as Brock’s Warriors have worked very hard to have the Beads of Courage program brought to the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center. They did this after we (Jay and Vanessa) heard about the program and became very passionate about having it here to help children own their stories of cancer. This video is what started the whole thing in motion.
Brock now has a bead for every night he’s spent in the hospital, every poke, every chemo, every clinic visit, every ER visit, every surgery and ct scan and echo and ultrasound, every time he moved to the ICU, each chest tube, each spinal tap. He has a bead for everything that’s happened to him. A tangible way for him to share his story with others. 26 strands. 5.5 pounds. He can’t even wear them all because they’re so heavy. That’s what the last 3.5 years looks like.


And each child that starts treatment for cancer at Children’s has the opportunity to do the same. Thanks to Brock’s Warriors.
This small group of people have been funding the program on their own for the past 2 years. After much discussion, Jay and I feel like the best way for someone to honor Brock and his accomplishment of finishing chemo is by giving to the Beads of Courage program at OU. We want every child to continue to have the opportunity to tell their story of courage and hope. If that’s something you’d like to do, please contact Jay or I. (If you donate through the Beads of Courage website it won’t go directly to the program at OU.) We’ll also have a little basket set up at the bell ringing where you could drop in your support. Please do not feel obligated to do this. We’re only mentioning it because people have asked and because it’s something we’re more comfortable with than gifts for Brock.

You all have been an invaluable means of love and support during the last 3.5 years. We could never thank you enough! We’re hoping you can all join us on the 12th!

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