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August 1, 2012

This and that

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Monday night we went to a local swimming pool with the Oklahoma Children’s Cancer Association. It was so much fun. It might be my favorite part of the whole summer.



Tuesday was more feeding therapy.

Wednesday morning Jay took the big kids to gymnastics while I took Reese to her 9 month well check. I’m playing it a little fast and loose with the word “well”, though. Poor darling has a double ear infection. Not that you could tell, what with her cheerful disposition and lack of fever and sleeping through the night. Thank goodness for easy babies.

After her appointment I met Jay to pick up Jaycie and Brock so we could go to Brock’s clinic appointment. Jay and I both thought he was just going for lab work, but we got a phone call that his oncologist wanted to talk to us about the results of his last ct scan. Which…umm…made us nervous. All we could think was “well if everything was fine, wouldn’t they just tell us that over the phone?”

Everything was fine. His ct scan looked “stable.” Not normal, but normal for him.

after his last ct scan…FINALLY getting something to eat and drink

The only thing that was concerning is that his aspergillus galactomannan antigen lab has been high for several weeks now. (If you’re new around here, it’s blood work that kind of sort of but not really “measures” the fungal infection. Low is good and high is bad.) In the past, it would jump up really high and then be back to normal 2 weeks later. Well, now it’s staying high. His oncologist is going to talk to his infectious disease doctor about if we need to adjust his antifungal medication.

Please pray with us that this blood work will come back in a normal range next time.
Pray that his doctors would have wisdom regarding adjusting his medication. Pray that God would completely heal him from the fungal infection and the leukemia forever and ever amen.

Six months and six days left.

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  1. You are an amazing family. God has blessed little Brock with wonderful caring parents and great siblings. I will continue to ask God to heal little Brock. Nothing is too small for God. Love you.

    Comment by Olga Pruett — August 2, 2012 @ 7:29 am

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