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July 28, 2012

What a week!

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Monday – Brock met with the feeding therapist for the 3rd time. I feel like she really knows what she’s doing and I’m praying this helps him.

Tuesday – Jay took Brock to his CT scan. You guys. He did SO good. He’s had…20? CT scans and he’s had to be sedated for every one of them. This time the doctor that was there to do the sedation got called away right before it was Brock’s turn to go in. They decided to just let Brock try to do it on his own and he did great! I’m so proud of him! (And I’m so glad Jay was the one with him because I don’t think Brock would’ve done it for me).

On a related note, Jay’s family has worked really hard to get the Beads of Courage program brought to our hospital. We are so thankful for their work and donations. The program gives every pediatric cancer patient a bead to symbolize every single hospital stay, iv poke, port access, spinal tap, chemotherapy, X-ray, radiation, etc. As you can imagine, Brock has hundreds of beads. Because he was so brave and did the ct scan without sedation he got to pick out an Act of Courage bead to add to his strands. Here’s the one he picked.


Wednesday – Brock had an appointment with his surgeon. This surgeon has done all 7 of the major surgeries Brock has had. Brock’s g tube (the tube that goes into his stomach that we use to provide him with nutrition) has been leaking for…well, ever really, but it’s been leaking worse the last few months. The surgeon suggested we try a different brand of g tube. We’ve ordered it and hopefully it will be in soon and fix the problem.

While we were there the nurse said I looked familiar and asked if she knew me from somewhere. Brock’s surgeon said “Oh you’ve probably just seen her around the hospital. I’ve been taking care of Brock for…hmmm..over a year now?”

I reminded him it’s been almost 3.

Thursday – another session with the feeding therapist.

Friday – Brock had physical therapy and occupational therapy in the morning. He made it about half-way through physical therapy and then became really lethargic, sweaty, and shaky. After his ‘episode’ last year (you know, the one where he stopped breathing and his heart stopped) Jay and I get really nervous if Brock acts anything other than normal. So we skipped the rest of therapy and headed to the ER. When we got there his blood sugar was low (50-something). Thankfully my dad met me there to help with the kids and he was able to get Brock some chips and chocolate milk. His blood sugar came up after a snack and they let us go home.

The ER must really take it out of you.


Prayer Requests:

– The blood sugar thing is making me nervous. It doesn’t make sense for it to be that low after just 2 hours of not eating or drinking.
– Brock has an appointment with his ophthalmologist next month. Remember, in addition to being near sighted, he has blindness in his right eye as a result of the fungal infection. I *think* I’ve noticed a few times lately where his eyes aren’t tracking together. It’s something that the ophthalmologist has asked us to look for.

I pray you all have a nice weekend! Thank you for continuing to pray with us!


July 23, 2012

CT scan tomorrow

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We’d appreciate your prayers for Brock’s ct scan tomorrow. Pray that the fungal infection has remained stable. Pray that there are no complications with sedation. Pray that God would protect him from the harmful effects of the radiation (he’s had SO many scans and SO man X-rays).

Thank you for praying with us!

July 19, 2012

First attempt at video…

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This is from a few months ago but it makes me smile every time I see it.

July 18, 2012

Spinal tap, lab results, and more chemo

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Thank you for praying for Brock today! The spinal tap went really well. The best part is he only has two more to get!

Last month they drew blood to test for a growth hormone deficiency and for thyroid function. Both of those came back in the normal range.

We’d appreciate your prayers this week as Brock starts a round of high dose steroids. The side effects are no fun. Also, please pray that God would protect him from any illness. His immune system is lower than its been in awhile (his AGC is 1800) and they’re increasing one of him chemo meds (methotrexate). Between that and the steroids I expect his AGC to drop even lower – putting him at a greater risk of infection.

Thank you for praying with us! I’ll be back later with updates about his feeding therapy.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer. School starts in 1 month. 😦



July 15, 2012

Prayer Requests

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We had such a nice 4th of July! I’ll post pictures once I get them uploaded. It was so nice to celebrate together!

If you follow Brock Rocks on Facebook then you know that we met his new speech therapist last Monday. She specializes in feeding therapy and did an evaluation on Brock. She pointed out that his mouth/tongue muscles are really weak. Eating is hard work for him! God intended for eating to be pleasurable and because of all that’s happened to him it’s not that way for Brock. He also doesn’t feel hungry like a typical child does. We’re going to start meeting with the speech therapist twice a week in addition to his physical therapy and occupational therapy. That means he’ll be going to therapy 3 days a week. Honestly, I’m already dreading it. I’m praying it helps him (and he definitely needs the help) but it just reminds me of how our lives aren’t normal. It makes me sad that my girls get shuffled around while I take him to therapy (they’re not allowed to go). It makes me sad that we spend our summer driving around town, meeting with people to help Brock learn how to eat and kick and use a pencil instead of going to the zoo and the library and the pool. Pray for us, please? That these therapies (especially the feeding therapy) will help Brock. That one day soon we will be able to graduate out of all this therapy. That my girls won’t feel slighted. That they’ll know that they are equally special and unique and important to us.

Brock has a spinal tap Wednesday morning. Pray that it goes well, that he sedates well, that the results are good (they check for leukemia cells in the spinal fluid).

Brock has a CT scan next week to check the fungal infection. Pray that it shows improvement.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed in pictures but Reese has a little skin tag in front of her left ear. (I think it’s called a preauricular skin tag). We met with a plastic surgeon last week and scheduled her to have surgery on Sep 21 to have it removed. Pray that I won’t be nervous about it. 🙂

Jaycie is doing so well and I thank God everyday for her health. We definitely do not take it for granted.

July 3, 2012


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July 2009


July 2010


July 2011


Tomorrow will be the first time we haven’t been in the hospital on July 4th since before Brock was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. So thankful.

July 1, 2012

Beautiful Things

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Last week I went to the funeral of an 8 month old baby boy. This song was sung and it’s been resonating in my soul ever since. I’m so thankful for the beauty He offers us. So thankful for hope. And redemption.

He makes beautiful things.
He makes beautiful things out of the dust.
He makes beautiful things.
He makes beautiful things out of us.

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