Brock Rocks

May 2, 2012


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Thank you for praying for Brock last week. The spinal tap went really well. And…are you ready for this? He only has 3 more left! Woohoo! He gets them every 12 weeks and he’ll be done with treatment sometime around February 8th of next year. I can not even wait. Jay and I get more and more excited as each month goes by.

So what do the next 9 months look like? He gets oral chemo every night at home, iv chemo every 4 weeks in the clinic, a spinal tap every 12 weeks, and a 5-day round of high dose steroids every 12 weeks.

31 months down, 9 to go. Crazy.

We had a film crew from the Toby Keith Foundation follow us around for most of the day last week when Brock had his spinal tap. They’re making a little video to use for promotional and fundraising purposes for the new OK Kids Korral that the foundation is building. We were honored to be able to help (truly) but let me just tell you something. You won’t see me on a reality show any time soon. After the first 2 hours I was SO over it. It’s just so awkward to have someone following you around saying “Can you tell me that story again while I get video of you putting your make up on and getting ready to leave?” Also? I don’t love to talk so it was a stretch for me. I’m so glad Jay was there to pick up all of my slack.

Hmm…what else?

Oh! Will you please pray with Jay and I about something. I have more to say about it later, but we’re starting a new appetite stimulant for Brock so will you please pray that he’ll start to eat.

Also, could you pray for Reese? She’s been going to physical therapy for a few months for torticollis. Her neck has gotten much better but she still has a noticeable flat spot on one side of her head as a result of the torticollis. Yesterday we went to an orthotist to have the asymmetry measured to see if she needs a cranial band (the re-shaping helmets you might’ve seen young kids wear). She measured JUST outside of the normal range (1 millimeter off). The clinician recommended waiting and remeasuring her in a month instead of ordering a cranial band now. If it stays the same next month, we probably won’t do anything. (Because when she has a full head of hair no one is going to be able to notice 1mm) But if it gets worse we’ll probably have her fitted. Please pray that her cranial asymmetry doesn’t worsen.

I know that was a lot of information but we really do appreciate you praying for us.

I don’t really know how to wrap this up so let’s go with a picture (or two).



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