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August 30, 2011

Praise the Lord!

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The infectious disease doctor just called.  Brock’s last aspergillus galactomannan antigen was 0.16!!!!!!!

The wheels on the bus

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Brock’s first day of ‘school’ was yesterday and I don’t have one single picture to show for it.  But honestly, I’m just thankful that we’re not at a point in our/his life where I feel like I have to take a picture of every single thing he does for fear that it might be his last.

He’s going to Mother’s Day Out at our church 2 days a week.  He did great yesterday and had a lot of fun.  When I picked him up his teacher commented on how funny he was.  Jay and I think he’s pretty funny, but we’re kind of partial.

We’re still waiting to hear from the public schools about what services he’ll qualify for when he turns 3.  He’s made such great progress with his speech lately and I’m so proud of him.  Yesterday he said his first 4 word sentence: “Sissy ride yellow bus!”  He’s OBSESSED with the school bus and talks about it all the time (even though Sissy doesn’t really ride the bus).

He has an appointment tomorrow to check a CBC.  I’m hoping they’ll have the fungal lab back by then as well.  Please continue to pray that it’s come down.  One of our favorite nurses told me that she’s praying specifically for it to be 0.2.  That would be amazing!

Hope you all are having a nice week!

August 26, 2011

home and now what?

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Brock’s sitting next to me eating crackers and watching Signing Time AT HOME!

His eye looks much better and he’ll finish up this round of antibiotics in about a week.

The infectious disease doctor came by on Wednesday evening to talk with us.  She said that his CT scan looked unchanged from the last one.  That’s good news!  Everything that shows up on the scan looks like old scarring from the fungal infection and not new, active infection.

But! That doesn’t really line up with the fact that his galactomannan antigen lab came back so high.  His levels are normally around 0.2 – 0.4.  The last one was 1.55.  A high number indicates active fungal infection.

No one knows why the lab level is so high but the ct scan looks so good.  And the fact that those two things don’t line up makes it hard to know how to treat him.  They drew blood to test the level again and it takes about a week to get back.  If it comes back higher than normal then we’ll probably have to start him on iv antifungals again.  Please pray that it returns to a normal level!  Having his port accessed all the time and having to do iv meds at home makes it hard for him to live like a normal 2 year old boy.  Not only that, but that particular medication is really hard on his kidneys and liver.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for Jay and I. 

Brock’s demanding more crackers.  🙂  More later.

August 24, 2011


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I know I shouldn’t be but sometimes I’m amazed at how quickly God answers prayers!

The ENT said that as long as Brock’s immune system is good (AGC > 650) that there’s no reason to think that it’s active fungal infection. Brock’s AGC is over 6,000. The ENT was so un-concerned about it that he didn’t even come look at Brock.

Sinusitis, FTW!

We’re still waiting to see what the infectious disease doctor recommends. His last lab (galactomannan antigen) was still really high.


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The preliminary results show ‘something’ in his sinuses. That something could be anything from a garden variety cold to active fungal infection. Of course we are praying fervently for the former.

We will meet with the infectious disease dr and the ENT this afternoon to come up with a plan.

Please join us in praying for no active fungal infection.

August 23, 2011

Ct scan

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Well, at least we were home for a month before we had to come back to the hospital! (Although I was really aiming to be home the entire month of August without a hospital stay). I think we’ve been here at least 1 day every month since April.

Brock woke up yesterday with what looked like a stye on his eye. This morning it was much worse and his eye was almost swollen shut. We took him to clinic and the dr thought it looked infected. While we were there Brock decided to get a fever, just for good measure. So we drew blood cultures and got some fluids and iv antibiotics. He wasn’t acting like himself either – just acted like he didn’t feel well.

We also got the results from a lab they drew last week that measures the fungal infection. It was MUCH higher than it should’ve been so they admitted him and are going to do a ct scan tomorrow. I still don’t know if it will be under general anesthesia or not. If it is he’ll have to be intubated.

Pray he does well for the scan, that the fungal infection isn’t any worse, and that this will be a short stay.

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