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June 23, 2011

on coffee tables, bible school and trips so the zoo

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You know how you set a few papers on the coffee table?  And then the next day a few bills, some junk mail.  And then your kids come in and leave an art project or two.  And before you know it you can’t even see the surface of the table?

Yeah, that’s kinda what happened with this blog.  I didn’t update for a few days.  Then a week.  And then good grief it’s been over a month and you guys have no idea what’s going on and so much has happened that I don’t even know where to start and the thought of cleaning off the coffee table starting overwhelms me so I just keep ignoring it.

My apologies.  Please accept this picture of a cute (and sweaty) 2 year old boy as my peace offering. 

{I love how he’s almost the same size as his not-quite-1-year-old cousin.}

I won’t even attempt to fill in all the details in this post, but know that we’ve been doing well.  In and out of the hospital but enjoying time at home doing normal-kid stuff.  Like Vacation Bible School and trips to the zoo and swimming in the pool (yay for not port access!!)

I’m much better about giving short updates on facebook and twitter so feel free to follow along there.  (Just search ‘Brock Rocks’)

Hope you all are well!  Thank you for checking on us!


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