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April 29, 2011

a week in review

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monday – brock woke up with a fever.  went to clinic for a cbc, chemistries, and blood cultures.  everything looked fine and came home.

tuesday – brock’s first day back at gymnastics since, you know, his heart stopped.  he did good.  he’s weaker than before but he did good.  i had a 12 week ob appointment and had to take both kids with me.  the entertained themselves by playing peek-a-boo in the little dressing area of the exam room.  jaycie thought she was big stuff when the ob (who was wonderful with my kids, btw) let her hold the doppler and listen to the heartbeat.

wednesday – brock’s first day back to school and he did good.  picked him up early for another clinic appointment.  talked with his primary oncologist about what they discussed in their inter-disciplinary meeting.  it comes down to this: we know he stopped breathing and his heart stopped because he was in metabolic acidosis.  but we have no idea why he was in metabolic acidosis.  she gave me an acronym of things that can cause it (MUDPILES).  methanol poisning, uremia, diabetic ketoacidosis, infection, sulfa drugs, can’t remember the rest.  we went through the whole list and tried to figure out what could of caused it and nothing is overtly evident.  {there are several things that make us think it wasn’t the fungal infection: no fever, no fungal nodules, how quickly he got sick and how quickly he got better, and the ct scan was clear).  so yeah.  it’s frustrating, to say the least.  please pray for wisdom in how to proceed with his treatment.  knowing how to proceed stems largely from knowing what caused him to acidotic.

thursday – the one day this week we weren’t at a doctor’s office.  went to the festival of the arts for a little while.  sooner start (free special services) came to the house and we talked about transitioning him to public school when he turns 3.  in 6 short months.  wow.

friday – brock woke up coughing and congested so the clinic wanted to see him again.  i think he’s made them all a little nervous.  🙂  his lungs sounded fine and his blood work looked good so we came back home.  praying it’s just a cold.

oh, and brock’s hair is starting to fall out again.  no one knows why.  maybe just the trauma of all he’s been through in the last month. 

just in case you wanted to give but haven’t been able to yet, tomorrow (the 30th) is the last day you’ll be able to donate through the giveforward fundraiser.  I can’t thank you all enough for giving so generously.  you’ve lifted a tremendous burden from us and we’re so thankful for how God has used you.

Easter pictures coming soon…

April 21, 2011


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Brock’s oncologist has a big interdisciplinary meeting today and she’ll be talking to the other doctors about what could’ve caused him to go into respiratory and cardiac arrest. 

Please pray that God would give them wisdom and that they would be able to come to a clear conclusion.

Brock’s facebook page:
Brock’s twitter:!/brock_rocks

April 20, 2011


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I just realized that not ALL of you follow Brock on facebook or twitter and so probably not ALL of you know that we’re HOME!

I’m sorry!

We came home late Sunday night.  Brock had a check up in clinic yesterday and he’s doing well.  He’s going to school today and we go back to clinic next week.

Still have to get kids dressed and lunches packed and out the door….Be back later with more.

April 17, 2011


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WordPress tells me what search phrases lead people to this website.  Most of them are some variation of the words brock, hart, rocks, vanessa, wordpress.

Some are medical like “epi bicarb” or “gram negative cocci” or “wean off vent.”

And others just make me laugh.  I thought I’d share some of those with you.  These are just from within the past week…

– cat trouble breathing chest compressions
(i’m sorry you’re cat is having trouble breathing but i have no idea how to do chest compressions on a feline)

– it was a great day it was a super way
(good!  i’m glad!)

– good say this april 2011
(are you asking which day is going to be a good day this month?  i’m not sure i can help you there)

– news on rocks in 2011
(i’ve got nothin’…)

and my personal favorite:
– brock bring us your bed

April 16, 2011

concert, picture, prayer request

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Thank you so much for coming to the benefit and silent auction!  You are the hands and feet of Christ and we are so overwhelming blessed by all of your love, prayers, and support.

{Jaycie’s reading over my shoulder as I type and she just said “Why did you spell ‘love’?  Ha!}

We talked with a different doctor today (Brock’s primary oncologist) about our concerns regarding whether or not it really was the fungal infection that caused him to go into cardiac arrest.  There are a lot of things that don’t add up – the ct scan just being one of them.  The fact that he never had any fevers before it happened is one of them.  Another is that we draw a lab every month (galactomannan antigen) that, in theory, should be elevated if the fungal infection is getting worse.  He had one drawn less than 24 hours before he went into cardiac arrest and it was the same as all of the other ones had been.  So yeah.  We’ve been feeling a little uneasy about the explanation so far and thankfully this doctor is feeling a little uneasy about it to.  We just don’t want to miss something else that might’ve caused it.  She has a few theories (one of them having to do with his adrenal gland) so we’re doing more lab work and praying that God would give the doctors a clear picture about what’s going on.

{If you were at the concert today you heard that I told Jay he was acting like me and giving too many details – and there I did it again.}

On a lighter note, here’s a picture of Brock from today!  This is his ‘chemo duck’ that he received from the Child Life department.  The duck had an infusaport just like Brock and comes with a bag full of real medical supplies.  Brock likes to clean the port and hook a syringe up to it.  (He’s putting tape on the port in this picture).  Of course Jaycie likes to play with it too.  This evening she gave the duck a femoral line like Brock had last week.  🙂

Prayer Requests:
– that the doctors would be able to find out EXACTLY what caused Brock’s heart to stop last week and if it is really the fungal infection that Jay and I would have a peace about it
– the Brock will stay in remission FOREVER – especially since we’re not sure if he’ll be able to continue with the 2 years worth of chemo he has left
– that the bloot clot in his leg will respond to the drugs and not do any damage
– that Jay and I will be able to administer the drug for the blood clot when we get home (we have to give him a shot in the belly)  😦
– that God will protect Brock’s kidneys from damage due to the antifungal drugs

– the ct scan looked relatively good!
– there doesn’t appear to be any active infection in his eyes
– Brock is acting like his old normal self.  completely a miracle!

April 15, 2011

Another ‘another’

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My mom always used to say “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.”

Today we got another ‘another.’  Brock has c diff.


If you’ve been keeping up with Brock for any length of time you might remember he’s had it before.  And it’s dis.gus.ting.  When the resident came by this morning I told her that I thought Brock’s diapers smelled like c diff and maybe we should test for it.  She said “You know what c diff smells like??”  Uh, yeah.  It’s not a smell you forget.

Brock was Mr. Popular today around the metro – and not because of his stinky diapers.

There’s an article in the Edmond Sun about him here.  (M & T – have your tissues ready because it even made me tear up)

And then Jay did a couple of interviews with KSBI and talked about Brock’s story and the benefit tomorrow.  He did a great job!  You can see them here and here.

If you have 5 extra seconds please go over to Brock’s GiveForward page and read what donor Cara Sharp wrote.  It touched my heart and I’m thankful for how God used her and so many others to bless our family. 

Lastly, here’s another picture from 2 weeks ago…4 days before Brock went into cardiac arrest.  So thankful I still have both of these faces to look at.

Almost Home

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The plan is to keep Brock until Sunday night to monitor the blood clot and some issues with his potassium (a side effect of the anti-fungal).  We’ll go home with 2 iv antifungal drugs that run over 3.5 hours each day (which is much better than 6 hours).

Too tired to type anymore.  Brock says it’s nap time and I agree.

More later.

April 14, 2011

Good News and Bad News

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What a day.

Brock had his ct scan this afternoon.  It showed no impressive areas of fungal infection.  Basically, it looked pretty much like the last ct he had months ago.

It’s exactly what Jay and I prayed for, but I still don’t get it.  I don’t know enough about medicine/imaging/etc to know why the ultrasound of his abdomen from last Thursday makes them think the fungal infection is everywhere, but the ct doesn’t really show that.  I can’t wrap my head around it.

I do know that God is good and He is big and He is Jehovah Rapha.

The other good news is that the opthamologist looked in his eyes again today and doesn’t see anything concerning – just the old scar tissue from before.

The bad news: the ct scan showed a blood clot in his femoral vein, most likely from the fem line he had last week in the ICU.  (But the good news is at least we did the ct today and were able to find it.  Otherwise we would’ve been going home tomorrow without knowing it was there or treating it and bad stuff could have happened.)  He’ll start on an anti-coagulant tonight (Lovenox) which means a shot every 12 hours….for quite awhile.  😦  They did a doppler study on the veins and arteries in his legs today and we’ll follow up with those periodically until it resolves.  Oh, and we won’t be going home until some time next week.

So, praise the Lord because the ct scan didn’t show anything horrible, but we’re kind of confused/unsettled/etc about what exactly is going on.  (and by ‘we’ I mean me and Jay and our families – the drs don’t seem very concerned about the ambiguity)

Pray for wisdom for them and peace for us.

The conert and silent auction is still on for this Saturday.  Someone asked my sister if it was a family friendly event and the answer is a resounding yes!  So family friendly that there’ll be someone there making snow cones.  🙂

Pray for Jay and I tomorrow.  We’ll both be talking to a couple of different media outlets about Brock’s story and the fundraiser on Saturday.  Jay’s probably not nervous but I am.  Oh and if you see me on tv, remember that I’m living in the hospital and have no make up or hairdryer here.  🙂

More tomorrow.  Thank you for praying for us!

Oh!  Want a better picture than the last one?  This is from several days ago but I don’t have a camera here and it’s all I have.

April 13, 2011

Ct scan and eyes

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Eye dr said there doesn’t seem to be any active infection in his eye.

Ct scan in the morning. Pray for clear answers. Pray that he sedates well. Pray that God protects his breathing during the sedation.


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Over 5,000 people read the post where I told you about the day Brock’s heart stopped

About 1,000 have read the posts since then.

Are you telling people about what God has done?  Please.  Tell them to come back and see that Brock is sitting up in bed, asking to watch more Max & Ruby, and pushing the buttons on the bed while he says “Ride!!”  Tell them about how every single doctor or nurse that comes into his room talks about what a miracle it is that he’s not only alive, but doing so well. 

Last night we got a visit from one of the doctors that was with us in the ER on Thursday morning – one of the doctors that said more than one time that he didn’t have a pulse.  (Doctors don’t just DO that, by the way.  Come by to see a patient that’s not on their service.  This one loves God and can see what He is doing.)  She stood at the foot of Brock’s bed next to me while we watched him sleep and she said “You do know this is a miracle, right?”

I do.

She also told me that the way she treats her patients and the way she prays for her patients is different because of Brock.  Because of what she’s seen God do in Brock.

That makes everything we’ve been through worth it.

Brock is doing well.  Breathing on his own, sitting up, eating a little bit, talking, laughing.  We will do a CT scan of his head, chest, and abdomen in the next few days to get a clearer picture of what’s going on with the fungal infection.  One of the biggest concerns is that it could be in his brain – please join us in praying that it’s not.  We also know (from the past) that the infection is in his right eye.  The opthamologist should come by today or tomorrow to make sure it hasn’t gotten worse.  If it has, they’ll have to inject (with a needle!) medicine into his eye.  Holy Moses.  Please please pray that the infection in his eye is not worse.

The doctors still aren’t sure about which (and how many) iv antifungal drugs to send us home on.  Please pray that God would give them wisdom and clarity in making this decision.  Pray that we will be sent home with something that’s manageable.  It’s hard to be a normal little boy when you’re hooked up to a machine 6 hours a day.

This post cut short by the fact that Brock wants me to play a riveting game of throw-the-pillow-on-the-floor-and-have-mom-pick-it-up-while-I-laugh. 

More later.

Much love and many thanks to you all.

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