Brock Rocks

October 22, 2010

Overdue Photos

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Light the Night.  This is only a fraction of the people that walked on our team.  Thank you so, so much to everyone who donated.  We FAR exceeded our goal and were mentioned that night as one of the top fundraising teams.

You can kind of see Brock’s scraggly hair here. 

And here he is getting a hair cut.  He hated every second of it.

Much better!

Steroid week is in full swing.  Praying that Monday comes quickly.


  1. sad to see him cry. He’s such a cutie!!

    Comment by Britta Kiesel — October 22, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

  2. What a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing the pics. I’m so proud of all of you.

    Comment by Keren — October 23, 2010 @ 6:13 am

  3. God’s light is evident in this child’s smile. I am praying for continuing healing as God works His miracles in Brock’s life.

    Comment by Linda Heikkila — October 25, 2010 @ 8:43 am

  4. So inspiring. I’ve been a silent observer for a while now thanks to Maud Dani, and can’t tell you how much I love the picture of him smiling with all that hair. 🙂

    Comment by Sharon — October 27, 2010 @ 11:44 am

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