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October 12, 2010

Surgery Update

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The surgery went really well yesterday.  The surgeon found an open airway that he stitched closed and he took some biopsies to send to pathology and microbiology.  He said they were very small and mostly looked like scar tissue but he just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t any active fungal infection.

Brock has a chest tube (his 5th, but who’s counting?) and it will need to stay in at least 3 days.  He’s been in the PICU since surgery but he’ll be moving to the floor today.  He also has an epidural in place to help with the pain.  He’s been in a considerable amount of pain overnight but the anesthesiologist came by this morning and made some adjustments to his epidural and he’s been doing better since then.  He also had a fever over night so we drew blood cultures from his port.  The fever hasn’t come down much in the last 8 hours so I’m praying that it will break soon.

It’s a little strange to be in the PICU almost exactly 1 year from the time we first came here.  We’re right next door to the room that Brock spent 7 weeks in last fall/winter.  It’s been really nice to see so many of our favorite former nurses and doctors.  Every doctor/rn/respitory therapist that stops by to say hi has the same two comments as soon as they see him.  1. “He looks so good!” and 2. “Look at all his hair!”


  1. His 5th chest tube- who’s counting?? Vanessa is, the numbers person 🙂 Super happy it went so well and hope the fever breaks soon.

    Comment by soonerhawkeye — October 12, 2010 @ 7:40 am

  2. I can never get used to seeing a child like this, but he does look so much better. We keep you all in our prayers.

    Comment by britta — October 12, 2010 @ 8:10 am

  3. The pic of your little angel is so peaceful considering all that he has endured. He is going to be a strong young man as he grows up. It is so amazing what a child can handle and keep on smiling and playing.
    Brock is a super little boy.

    Comment by Ed Merrell — October 12, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

  4. He is such a little Miracle!! God has worked through this little Brockstar in so many ways, I remember back to one of your first posts where you said that you are thankful that he is young enough to not remember any of this, you have such a positive heart! I know that Brock has done so well because of your faithfulness, love, and devotion. You are amazing Hart family, I will continue to lift you all up in prayer!! xo

    Comment by Rachel Kolb — October 12, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

  5. He is such a fighter….he is looking good vanessa… so glad that it went good… hope your are staying strong been prayin for you and the family…God bless…

    Comment by Nita — October 12, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

  6. I’ve been thinking about you so much lately– what a year you’ve had. I am so grateful for God’s care for your family and for His continued care for Brock. I remember the first time I met you last year at the open house. Who would have guessed the paths that God would have us walk. I count it a privilege to pray for Brock and I’m grateful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross. I know he has been through so much, but in this picture he looks so peaceful. Just precious!

    Comment by Susie — October 13, 2010 @ 1:24 am

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