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October 30, 2010


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B has a fever. Jay took him to the ER. At least we got to go trick or treating first.


October 29, 2010

A week in review

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We’re still here.  Just busy, busy, busy.

Our week in review:

Monday – Brock’s 2nd birthday!!  Praise the Lord!  It’s so overwhelming to be celebrating a day we never thought we’d see.  Pictures soon.

Tuesday – sooner start therapy, gymnastics for Jaycie, lunch with Daddy, took B back to his regular pediatrician for his 2 year “well” check.  Brock hasn’t been in that office since the day before he was diagnosed.  The ped gave us the name and number of a speech language therapist that’s supposed to be really good with helping kids who have severe oral motor delays.

Wednesday – Brock got a fever and Praise the Lord!! because they were able to get us in to clinic instead of sending us to the ER.  Did some lab work, drew blood cultures, did a chest xray and a urinalysis.  The UA showed some red blood cells in his urine.  The chest xray showed a little “something” on his lower left lung (not sure if it’s pneumonia, atelectasis, or what).  And his white blood count was the highest I’ve ever seen it – 67!.  Either he has some type of infection or it’s REALLY high because we just finished a round of steroids.  Let’s pray for the latter, m’kay?

Thursday – Went back to clinic for more lab work (a CRP , and galactomannan antigen).  And we repeated the UA since the last one had red cells in it.  The galactomannan antigen is a blood test we usually do once a month; the trend kind of gives the doctors a picture of how the fungal infection is doing (I think).  They wanted to draw it again, even though we just did it last week, to make sure that the high white count and fever weren’t because the fungal infection is getting worse (especially since we recently stopped his iv antifungal medication).  By the way, if you click on that link for galactomannan antigen, the very first sentence tells you that the type of fungal infection that Brock has (had?) has a mortality rate of 74-92%.  Do we have a miracle child, or what??  Thank you, God!!

Today – Brock’s still been having a low grade fever, but it hasn’t reached 101 yet so we haven’t had to go back to the doctor.  We painted pumpkins tonight (because carved pumpkins = mold = fungal infection) and the kids had a blast.  Again, pictures soon.

Some of you that have been following Brock’s story from the very beginning will remember that last year for Halloween, even before Brock was diagnosed, Jaycie had this “great idea” for her to dress up as the little girl from Mary Poppins (Jane), for Brock to be the little boy (Michael), and for Jay and I to be Bert and Mary Poppins.  Well, obviously that didn’t get to happen last year so we’re making it happen this year!  I think Jay and I might be more excited that Jaycie is.  The costumes are awesome and I hope it’s as fun as Jaycie thought it would be – more than a year ago.

– Brock’s 2nd birthday!
– Mary Poppins clan for Halloween!

Prayer Requests:
– Please pray that whatever caused the fever and the high white count isn’t anything serious.
– Pray that Brock’s kidneys would continue to heal and function as God intended them to (because of the whole blood in the urine thing)
– Pray that we would all be able to spend some time at home for awhile.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray with us.  We love you!

October 22, 2010

Overdue Photos

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Light the Night.  This is only a fraction of the people that walked on our team.  Thank you so, so much to everyone who donated.  We FAR exceeded our goal and were mentioned that night as one of the top fundraising teams.

You can kind of see Brock’s scraggly hair here. 

And here he is getting a hair cut.  He hated every second of it.

Much better!

Steroid week is in full swing.  Praying that Monday comes quickly.

October 21, 2010

Clinic and a Haircut

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Brock did great at clinic on Wednesday. He got iv chemo and we started 5 days of steroids. We also re-started his oral chemo that he gets at home every night. We haven’t been giving it the last few weeks so that he could build his immune system up before the surgery.

Last night Brock got his first haircut since last October! I’ll upload pictures as soon as I find the usb to my camera.

2nd Birthday on Monday!!!!!

October 16, 2010

He is faithful

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I posted this entry a few months ago with some doubts/questions I had about prayer.

God has been so faithful in proving to me that prayer matters.

Thank you for praying for Brock.  God hears our prayers and  He answers.  Brock’s sats are much better today and he’s been (mostly) off oxygen and just breathing room air.  He’s been able to get out of the bed for the first time since surgery  and he’s been able to sit up a little.  He’s getting a bath later today because that boy stinks!  🙂

I’ll update more after the surgeons do rounds this evening.

October 15, 2010

Keep Praying

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Please be steadfast with us in your prayers for Brock. The chest tube came out today but his O2 sats haven’t been very good. He’s been on oxygen since yesterday and he’s still only sating in the high 80s to low 90s. He seems almost disoriented at times. He finally had a bowel movement today but he’s still not quite peeing enough.

Will update more when I’m at a real computer.

October 14, 2010

Pray for Pee!

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Weirdest post title ever, huh?

Brock’s only pee’d once (and it was a small amount) since the foley was taken out (almost 14 hours ago).  If he doesn’t pee a significant amount here in the next hour then they’ll have to straight cath him (just goes in to relieve the urine and then comes right back out – doesn’t stay in like a foley cath does).

So, pray for pee!

Also, he hasn’t had a bowel movement since after surgery but I’m not quite as worried about that right now.

I haven’t seen the chest xray from today, but if it looks good then they should take the chest tube out.  Yay!

Thanks for praying for us – even about stuff like pee!

October 13, 2010

Moving Along

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Things are moving along nicely up here.  Yesterday morning they moved us out of the PICU and to the surgical floor.  We were actually a little bummed because the nurse we had in the PICU is a neighbor of ours and one of our favorites!  Also a little bummed because in all of the months we’ve spent in the hospital we’ve either been on the hem/onc floor or the PICU.  The surgical floor is a whole new world full of brand new nurses (well, brand new to us).

You know my brain works better with bullets, especially when there are more than a few things to update.

– chest xray from yesterday and today looked much better than all of the ones before surgery.  the surgeon fellow said that B’s heart is back in the right place (always a good thing) and that there’s still a little pocket of air outside of his lung but that it’s MUCH smaller than before.

– the chest tube will stay hooked up to suction until 6pm tonight and then they’ll water seal it.  if his chest xray still looks good tomorrow morning then hopefully they’ll take the chest tube out some time tomorrow.

– we’ve started him on lortab and are planning to take the epidural and foley catheter out today.

– we’re still working on getting his feeds back up to where they were before surgery.  when we started them yesterday his belly got big and distended.  we’ve added colace and reglan today.  hopefully those two will help so that we can keep increasing his feeds.

– after the chest tube comes out the only thing keeping us here will be pain management.  we can go home whenever he’s on just lortab (right now it’s lortab and morphine).

– he’s still had a low grade fever most of the time.

– the surgery went so well
– the biopsy that they sent to pathology showed now evidence of aspergillus (the fungal infection)!!
– we have such wonderful family and church family that bring us food while we’re up here

Prayer Requests:
– that we will be able to adequately and effectively manage his pain
– that the epidural, foley, and chest tube all come out without complications

Thank you so much for checking on us and praying for us!  God has used all of you to be a blessing to us!

October 12, 2010

Surgery Update

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The surgery went really well yesterday.  The surgeon found an open airway that he stitched closed and he took some biopsies to send to pathology and microbiology.  He said they were very small and mostly looked like scar tissue but he just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t any active fungal infection.

Brock has a chest tube (his 5th, but who’s counting?) and it will need to stay in at least 3 days.  He’s been in the PICU since surgery but he’ll be moving to the floor today.  He also has an epidural in place to help with the pain.  He’s been in a considerable amount of pain overnight but the anesthesiologist came by this morning and made some adjustments to his epidural and he’s been doing better since then.  He also had a fever over night so we drew blood cultures from his port.  The fever hasn’t come down much in the last 8 hours so I’m praying that it will break soon.

It’s a little strange to be in the PICU almost exactly 1 year from the time we first came here.  We’re right next door to the room that Brock spent 7 weeks in last fall/winter.  It’s been really nice to see so many of our favorite former nurses and doctors.  Every doctor/rn/respitory therapist that stops by to say hi has the same two comments as soon as they see him.  1. “He looks so good!” and 2. “Look at all his hair!”

October 10, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow

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I have lots to say but I’ve had to stay up late writing notes for my classes that I can’t teach tomorrow so I’m too tired right now.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to walk with us and to everyone who donated.

Surgery tomorrow. We have to be there at 10 and the surgery should be sometime around noon or 1. If you’re not on twitter or facebook you can check this blog and look over to the right hand side for updates (under where it says ‘twit’)

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