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September 28, 2010

Surgery Again

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So it turns out it wasn’t just a line infection and it had spread to his blood stream.  The good news is that it was a pretty common, easy to treat type of bacteria.  He’s had negative bloodculture since Sunday afternoon so that means that we can finish the last 11 days of iv antibiotics at home.

Yesterday we had a previously scheduled appointment with the infectious disease doctor to discuss the plans for treating the fungal infection and when we might be able to stop the iv antifungal.  Since we were already in the hospital she scheduled us for a CT scan for that evening (to see how the fungal infection looked).

When the radiologist looked at the scan this morning he was concerned because Brock has a large pneumatacele in his left lung that’s pushing his lung, heart, and trachea over to the right side.  Basically, his left lung isn’t being used at all.  They’ve consulted with the surgeons who’ve decided that he needs to have another thoracotomy done to (remove? drain? I’m not sure) the pneumatacele.  Brock’s surgeon left town today but he looked at the CT scan before he left.  He’ll be back on Monday and Brock will probably have surgery then (if they can fit him into the schedule).  Just in case you don’t have every little bit of Brock’s medical history buried deep in your brain, a thorocotomy is the same type of surgery he had done back in April to remove the fungal infection.

Brock’s awake.  More later.

September 24, 2010


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Brock had a fever Wed morning and last night. We took him to the ER both times and the blood culture from last night grew gram positive so we are back in the hospital for IV antibiotics. He’s been sleeping all day and acts like he doesn’t feel good. We’re praying that it’s just a line infection that can easily be cleared.

September 21, 2010

Reverse Course

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Huh.  Well that kind of back-fired.  I thought shaving my head would be a fun way to get people motivivated to give – instead I’ve had lots of people tell me they’ll donate if I promise NOT to shave my head.

So, deal’s off.  Whatever it takes to get you to give.  Because it’s not about my hair – it’s about saving lives.

September 18, 2010

Updates and a Challenge

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It’s been so long that I posed that I had to go back and see what I said in the lsat post.  I’m sorry!  And still roughly 100 of you each day come to this blog to check on our baby.  Thank you so much.  Here’s a picture to make up for our absence.

So, the surgery.  It went infinitely better than I thought it would – and than the surgeon thought it would.  He had a room reserved for us in the PICU because he assumed Brock would lose a lot of blood during the surgery.  I had told friends to expect us to be in the hospital for at least a week and we were home 3 days later!  God is so good!

We did get to talk to the infectious disease doctor while we were in the hospital.  She said she’s not completely opposed to stopping the iv antifungal (he still takes an oral antifungal) but she wants to do another CT scan before she decides.  She wants to see if there are any other infected areas that the surgeon needs to remove.  They’re going to be looking at his spleen, in particular.  We have an appointment with the ID doctor on the 27th to talk about when to do the CT scan.  Pray for wisdom for her and the surgeon.  Pray that God would protect Brock from the harmful effects of the CT scan (he’s had over 20 scans done now).

Brock had a spinal tap with intrathecal chemo last Wednesday.  You know he’s had problems sedating for these in the past.  He did ok this time – not the best sedation/spinal tap we’ve ever had, but not the worst by far.  He also got iv chemo through his port.

He’s been doing really well with his new g-tube.  We’ve been able to transition to bolus feeds during the day and we still do continuous feeds at night.  Please pray that Brock would start to feel hungry and eat again soon.

Brock has been making huge developmental progress lately!  We’re so pleased with how far he’s come in the last few months.  He’s started cruising around furniture!  He’s saying and signing more and more words every day.  We have a wonderful speech therapist that is going to start visiting with him twice a month.  She’ll be working with him to help him start eating again also.

You all have been so generous to us over the past 11 months.  Every meal, phone call, card, and donation has been greatly appreciated!  I wanted to tell you about a way that you can do something to help that’s more long lasting.  Our family is going to be participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual fundraiser the Light The Night Walk.  The LLS raises money for life saving research to cure all types of blood cancers as well as providing patients and their families with information and support.  Many of you have already given in support of us and we are so thankful!  Every donation, no matter how small, really does help.  You can view our team’s page and make a donation if you like by visiting

A few days ago I mentioned, rather flipantly, to my husband that I was toying around with the idea of shaving my head if we could get $5,000 donated through our team.  I thought it would be an interesting idea to get people motivated to give.  Well, my husband told his family…his family full of people that like to (lovingly) give me a hard time.  My brother in law told me today that he thought I was bluffing.  He didn’t think I really meant it.  I’m a little bit like Marty McFly when it comes to things like that. 

So to prove him wrong (and to prove that it doesn’t have to be something as huge as $5,000), here it is:  If we can get $3,690 donated to the LLS through our team then I will shave my head.

Why $3,690?  The day of the walk will be 369 days since Brock was diagnosed with leukemia.  Ten dollars for every day.

It’s just hair, y’all.  I have the privilege of good health and the opporunity to let it grow back over the next several months.  So many kids that I know aren’t guaranteed that same time or opportunity.  Please consider giving.

We love you all!  Thank you so much for continuing to love and support us!

September 4, 2010


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Came home last night. Praise the Lord!

September 2, 2010

Slowly But Surely (Hopefully)

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We started formula through Brock’s new tube a little over an hour ago.  We started at just 10 mls (2 teaspoons) an hour and will slowly increase it by 1 teaspoon every hour.  If he tolerates everything well then we might be going home tomorrow.

We’re still waiting on the Infectious Disease doctor to come by to discuss stopping the antifungal.

Thank you for praying.

September 1, 2010

Post Surgery Update

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Thank you so much for praying for us.  We’re so thankful that God answered our specific requests and everything went smoothly yesterday.

The surgeon said Brock’s liver, spleen, and one kidney were still adhered to his stomach and it took some work to get the upper part of the stomach imobilized enough to do the fundo.  He said he’s never seen a kid whose belly was in that shape – at least not a kid who hadn’t had extensive abdominal surgeries.  We’re very thankful that God has given such a skilled and compassionate surgeon.

Brock did really well overnight.  He got pain medicine every 4 hours and slept through most of the night.  This morning he’s been sleeping on and off in my lap.  He’s had 15 ccs of pedialyte through his new tube and a few sips of water.  The plan is to start him on continuous feeds of pedialyte at a low rate and then to switch over to formula.

His new port is in place and working great as well.

[In case you’re confused – port: device under his skin in his chest that goes into a vein; used to deliver iv meds and fluids.  g-tube: the device that goes through the outside of his skin and into his stomach to deliver formula and oral medicine.]

We’re also waiting for a consult from the Infectious Disease doctors.  They’re the ones that decide when we can stop giving iv meds at home everyday (the antifungal Ambisome).  We know the fungal infection isn’t completely gone and of course we want to keep him on the ambisome as long as necessary – but doing that puts him at increased risk of blood infections, which you know we’ve had many of lately.  It’s a tough balancing act (as it seems most things are with Brock).  Pray for the doctors’ wisdom regarding stopping the antifungal.

In more exciting news, Brock’s been making great developmental strides lately.  His legs are getting stronger and stronger.  He can stand on them for longer periods of time and while only holding on to furniture with one hand.  He’s talking more and more also.  He can say go, done (as in ‘all done’), down, ta da! (thanks to one of the nurses up here), mama, and dada.  It’s so nice to finally hear him talk!

We’re so thankful for your continued prayers.  God is good!

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