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July 2, 2010

10 of 11

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Looks like we’ll be spending the 4th of July in the hospital. 10th holiday out of the last 11. Must be a record.

Brock hasn’t technically had a fever (101) but it’s been close and the skin around his g-j tube site is red and infected so they’re admitting him to give him iv antibiotics (vanc and ceftaz). Thankfully his AGC is still good.

Please continue to pray for our friends who lost their 2 day old son this week. His funeral was today and I’m sure the coming days and weeks will continue to be very hard for them.


  1. Oh, man. Most all(if not all) of the holidays for the first year of Abby’s treatment were in the hospital too. It was tough, especially with other kids at home. Too bad they won’t do IV antibiotics at home. Abby has a few times, but only after she was responding well in the hospital.

    Praying you guys are home soon!

    Comment by Michelle Riggs — July 2, 2010 @ 7:30 pm

  2. hello everyone! i have not written for a while but you all have still been in my prayers.

    i am so sorry to hear of your friends loosing their baby! so hard, so difficult! i send my prayers of comfort and peace as possible–for them and all who are going through the same thing! few things in life could be as difficult! i ask for great blessings of warmth and love!

    sorry to hear that brock is back in the hospital–but also it is good that the medical facilities are available for him as his needs show–i send out this prayer for brock and all of you –and as always–for all other humans everywhere who are dealing with the same or similar situations–

    Our Great Creator–
    Our God–
    Great Spirit of the earth and sky–
    of the four directions–
    you are also our great mystery
    as we know that you are so vast
    that we comprehend only a portion of what and who you are–
    thank you so much for the life that you give us
    and all the countless miracles that are before us every day-
    every hour–
    help us to remember all that we recieve from you-
    and how very precious and sacred all life is-

    thank you so very much for all of the many miracles
    that have happened to help Brock along this difficult
    and long road!!!
    may we rejoyce in each and every amazing step that his little body and soul have taken–
    we send our praises to you as we continue praying and watching Brocks progress!!
    please continue sending your wonderful healing love and light to Brock as his body continues to work with all the medicines and proceedures–
    we are ever so thankful that his body continues to grow stronger, fight all infections and produce the needed blood counts.
    his tiny vital organs continue to heal and strengthen as his entire system recieves your healing, gentle and powerful energy.

    help little Brock rest and sleep well–help him breath well–
    help him regain normal functions slowly and steadily–
    with your fantastic love, we pray that he will continue showing your miracles, God!

    please continue sending your blessings to all the amazing medical staff–all workers who labor to help as they go to their medical jobs day after day–we are so fortunate for all who do these various different medical jobs! bless them with your strength and wisdom as they approach difficult tasks daily!

    Great Creator, please continue to strengthen and comfort Brock’s family as they endure so very much during this long hard journey–
    rain upon them your love, and everything they need as they continue to care for their precious little ones, as well as the many other tasks of life–

    Great Creator, we are so very sad for those loved ones that we loose –it is such difficulty to endure–and so hard to understand –especially with children–help us see how to help–we send our love and prayers in hopes to help–

    Great Creator-
    please hear and recieve all our prayers–
    we send them to you
    with the respect and reverence due to you–
    in the name of your son, Jesus Christ,
    thank you,God

    Comment by kim mcdermet — July 3, 2010 @ 12:27 pm

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