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June 8, 2010

Fundo/G-tube update

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The surgeon didn’t come by yesterday, but he did talk to one of the oncologists, who then relayed his message to us.  He thinks doing the fundo and g-tube is a good idea, he just isn’t sure it’s possible.  He said it couldn’t be done laproscopically and they’d have to make a decent sized incision in order to be able to manipulate the stomach the way they need to.  The recovery would be similar to (or maybe even a little harder) than when he did the thoracotomy back in April.  So – it’s a good idea and it would probably be in Brock’s best interest but the surgery is kind of a big deal.  He doesn’t want to do it right now because of the recent redness/irritation/possible infection that Brock’s had around his g-j tub site.  He’d like to try to do it a month or so from now to time it between doses of steroids during maintenance. 

Pray that we’d have wisdom about if this is the best thing to do for Brock.

I know a few of you have kids that have a fundo and g-tube and I know others of you have kids with a j-tube.  Any thoughts/opinions?

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