Brock Rocks

May 1, 2010


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too tired for coherent thoughts so bullet style recap of last night and today

– he ended up not needing blood yesterday.  he does today (and is getting it right now)

– they couldn’t get blood to draw from his port yesterday so they changed the needle…and it still wouldn’t draw.  so they put TPA in it (which scares the life out of me) and that worked for a little while.

– late last night his iv fluids and morphine were running through his port and it just stopped working suddenly.  we tried to flush it wish saline but it wouldn’t flush so we had to change the needle again (2nd time in one day).

– unfortunately the needle didn’t get placed in the right spot and we didn’t know it until after his fluids/meds had infiltrated the tissue around his port.  poor baby.  the tissue was all swollen and i’m sure it hurt.  😦

– so we had to change the needle for the 3rd time that day.  (this all happened from 11pm-2am, by the way)

– he’s been pretty sleepy today but it’s probably because he needs blood.

– we stopped his iv morphine and switched him to methadone.  this is a step in the right direction BUT we’re in a difficult spot here.  withdrawl and/or urine retention are the most likely reasons for the aggitation.  however, the urine retention is probably caused by the narcotics.  and stopping those quickly causes withdrawl (which causes extreme aggitation).  ugh.  i’m not really sure what the long-term plan is.


  1. yuck, you are stuck in a tight spot right now. Poor baby, and poor Mom & Dad, I pray that there will be a quick solution to all of this. So sorry you are having to go through all of this. May God keep you all wrapped in his arms, and keep you all strong. God Bless you all!

    Comment by Shannon Edwards — May 1, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

  2. God love you, you sound exhausted. I’m praying you all get a good night’s rest and that things will fall into place…ports will be right and urine output will put out and all will be right with the world so that baby can heal!

    As always, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.
    With love,
    Vicky and Sam Bass

    Comment by vicky bass — May 1, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

  3. I’m so sorry you all are still having to go through all of this. Poor baby Brock. I pray strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow for you all. And Healing power for his body that it will respond correctly to all treatment.
    In Jesus Name.

    Comment by Shelley Stevenson — May 2, 2010 @ 1:22 am

  4. I am at work, and I finally got to read some of your updates. I am so sorry that Brock is back in hospital. I know this is very tiring for you guys (and Jaycee also). I am, have been and will continue to pray for Brock. I cannot begin to imagine how tired you two are. I pray the doctors will find a solutions to these problems. Our Gracious Heavenly Father, I know that you are always with Brock and his families. Lord, I pray that you give the doctors the wisdoms to find the right solutions for Brock. I pray that you give Brock mom and dad the wisdom, strenght, courage to get through this. I pray that you keeped your loving arms wrapped around Brock, mom, dad and Jaycee, let them know how precious, special they are to you. Let them know that you are always there for them, as we know that you are always there for them. I pray that you be with Jaycee during this time also. As we know this is hard for her also. Thank you for bringing them into my life, even though I do not know them personal, but though them you have shown me how powerful you are in any situation, and that you are always with us, no matter what. Thank you again Lord for these special people, thank you for their love for you. How Great You Are, You are the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, I lift your name on High. I pray this in Your Precious Name Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.
    Again, I will and continue to pray for Brock, and you too mom and dad and for Jaycee also.


    Comment by Deborah Smith — May 2, 2010 @ 1:39 am

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