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May 31, 2010

Weekend Update (not the SNL kind)

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– all the repeat blood cultures have been negative.  Praise the Lord!  so they took him off the heavy duty antibiotics and switched him to some regular-duty antibiotics (because he’s neutropenic and is STILL having fevers).

– our oncologists expects that he’ll be in the hospital for the next 2-ish weeks.  until either his counts recover (his AGC goes up) or he stops having fever.  brock never stops having fever so it really just depends on how quickly his counts can recover.

– once his AGC reaches 750 and his platelet count reaches 75 then we’ll start the final phase of chemo (maintenance).  it lasts 3 years (three! years!) from the day we start it.  brock will be almost 5 when he’s done with chemo.  i can’t even fathom it, really.

– thankfully, he hasn’t had any horrible nose bleeds lately.  brock’s ENT dr is on vacation this week but when he comes back he’ll take a look in his nose (unless it starts bleeding a lot before then, in which case we’d have a different ENT come look at it).

– B started waving bye bye!  of course, he usually does it AFTER the dr/nurse/physical therapist has left the room and shut the door.

– jay and jaycie got to go to the lake for a few days this weekend.  jaycie’s been asking for weeks to go and i know she had a great time.

– being in the hospital during the summer is INFINITELY harder than being in all winter long.  there are yards to mow, parks to play at, sunshine to enjoy, zoo animals to visit, pools to swim in, neighbors and cousins to play with, vegetables to plant, lakes to ski in, bikes to ride…and almost none of it can be done while we’re in the hospital. 

– off to bed.  thank you for continuing to pray with us.


May 29, 2010


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The clinic called Friday morning and said that one of B’s blood cultures grew something (gram positive cocci in clusters) and so we were admitted to the hospital again. When we got here his AGC was really low (200). They started him on 2 broad spectrum iv antibiotics (vanc & ceftaz).

Pray that the bacteria will respond to the antibiotics and for continued protection while his AGC (immune system) is so low.

May 27, 2010

More Busy Days

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We’re still at home and doing good, just busy.  The glorious, wonderful, normal kind of busy (niece’s soccer games, Jaycie’s ‘olympics’ at gymnastics, eating dinner out) and also the ‘new normal’ kind of busy (clinic every day this week, getting back in the routine of giving iv meds at home).

Brock’s clinic appointments have been good this week.  His AGC is still above 1,000 so that’s great.  His hemaglobin was a little low today so we’ll go back tomorrow (5 for 5 this week!) for blood.

He’s still having fevers.  We’re still praying they stop. 

He’s also started having nose bleeds again.  Remember that his happened a few months ago because he’s got a rather large hole in his septum.  He had to have surgery to have some places cauterized.  If I weren’t so busy! (house to clean) then I’d link back to that post.  Anyway, hopefully they’ll stop.  If not, I need to call the ENT back and see if he thinks he needs to cauterize again.

That’s it, folks!  Will post pictures soon.  Thank you for continuing to pray with us!

May 25, 2010

Busy Day(s)

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We’ve had a couple of busy days up here.  They started chemo again yesterday and Brock also had a spinal tap.  He did great!  It was the best he’d ever done for a tap.  All morning I’d been telling the PA about how he was impossible to sedate and (thankfully) he went and made a liar out of me.  I love when he does that.

He got more chemo this morning…aaaaaand we’re going home!!!  He’s still having fevers but we have to go in to clinic almost every day for the rest of this week (and next) and so we can just draw blood cultures there.  However, when his AGC gets low enough (from the chemo) if he’s still having fevers then we’ll have to be admitted again for iv antibiotics.  I anticipate that we’ll be back up here by the middle of next week.

But we’re very thankful for a few days at home (and Jaycie is thrilled).

Please pray that the fevers will stop so that we won’t have to be readmitted!

May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning

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Nothing big is going on here.  Praise the Lord!  I just have a bunch of little updates.

– B is still having pretty frequent high fevers.  (And we still have no idea what’s causing them)

– His counts are finally high enough to start chemo so we’ll probaby do that tomorrow.

– He got blood again yesterday.

– He’ll get a little lasix today because he isn’t peeing enough.  (Did you notice how puffy his face looked in those pictures last night?)

– He needed his blood pressure medicine last night for the first time in quite awhile.

– He’ll start inpatient physical and speech therapy soon, in addition to the therapy we’re going to be getting from Sooner Start.  (Peggy and Emily – I hope you’re as excited as we are!)  🙂

– He has to be inpatient for 2 days for the type of chemo he’s getting next.  But after that, if the fevers stop, then we can probably go home.  So please keep praying that the fevers will go away!

May 22, 2010


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b/c i haven’t added any pictures in a long time.  these are from this month, starting with the oldest.











May 21, 2010

CT update

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The CT scan looked good (for Brock).  Nothing looks worse and his spleen might actually look a little better.  Praise the Lord!

Now if we could just figure out what’s causing the fevers…

Ct scan today

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They’re going to do a CT scan today of B’s chest, belly, and pelvis.  His blood counts are close to being high enough to start chemo again, but if the fungal infection is worse(ning) then they want to hold off.  Unfortunately, a scan is the only way of knowing the status of the infection.

Also, he’s still having fevers.

May 20, 2010

Finally, an update

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I’m so sorry I haven’t updated sooner.  I didn’t have a computer at the hospital and I tried a couple of times from my phone but it wouldn’t ever work.

Brock’s AGC is back to normal.  Praise the Lord!  His white blood count (which helps determine his AGC) is actually “too high” now.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another, huh?  His platelets and hemaglobin are still low.  He got platelets a few days ago and will probably get blood today.

Since his AGC is up, they stopped the 3 antibiotics that he was on.  He still continues to have fevers around the clock, though.  As soon as the tylenol acetaminophen wears off it’s back up to 102-103.

I have no idea what the plan is.  (The doctors haven’t come by this morning.)  But I can’t imagine that they’ll let us go home while he’s having fevers all the time.

– AGC is finally up!
– Haven’t had anymore problems with low blood pressure.

Prayer Requests:
– That the fevers will stop and that we’ll be able to find out what’s causing them.

A few people have asked me about bringing us meals while we’re in the hospital.  We would really appreciate it!!!  You can email me at to coordinate. 

Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

May 15, 2010

A little better

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Thank you for praying!  It was a long night, but Brock’s doing a little better this morning.  He got 3 boluses of fluid last night and another blood transfusion and that FINALLY brought his blood pressure up, and his heart rate and respiration rate down.  He could still be septic but he looks a lot better than he did last night.  We’ve started a 3rd antibiotic and increased the dose of one of his antifungals.  His AGC is still zero so there’s not really much we can do besides wait and pray that God protects him during this time.

– His vitals look better and he’s more stable than he was last night.
– There is a wonderful doctor that is on service this weekend, and the team of residents and nurses did a great job last night of taking care of B.

Prayer Requests:
– Pray that his AGC will come up and that God would protect his body from infection during this critical time.
– Pray that, if he is septic, we would be able to identify what type of bacteria it is and treat it effectively.
– Pray that the fungal infection doesn’t get worse during this time.

Thank you for continuing to pray with us.  We love you!

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