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April 30, 2010

More Info

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Well, if I would’ve waited 20 minutes to update you I could’ve heard what the doctor had to say first and done it all in one post.  🙂

They’re going to decrease the morphine drip by 1/4 and see if that still manages his pain.  If it does, then they’ll try removing the foley catheter.

His bloodwork from today was a lot different than two days ago.  On Wednesday his WBC was 47 (which is REALLY high…probably the highest I’ve ever seen it) but they said it was probably from being on steroids.  His hemaglobin and platelets were within normal ranges.  Today, everything had dropped pretty drastically.  His hemaglobin was 7.something so he’ll get a blood transfusion today.  His platelets when from mid 200s on Wednesday to about 30 today.  They transfuse platelets for anything less than 20. 

When we talked to the doctor she thought it might be a lab error because they were all so different from the day before, so we redrew it.  We haven’t talked to her since the second lab came back so I’m not really sure why it’s changed so drastically…but I think (I hope) it’s from the chemo he got Wednesday.

Hospital Update

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Sorry I haven’t updated earlier.  I didn’t have a computer with me at the hospital and was holding Brock almost constantly for the first 24 hours we were there. 

– The CT of his brain, chest, and abdoment all looked normal except that his bladder looked really full.  That’s the same thing an ultrasound showed LAST Wednesday night when Jay took him to the ER.  They put in a foley catheter to help empty it but I’m not really sure what they’re thinking as far as why it’s like that.

– Wednesday night Brock kept us awake and worried all night long because his blood pressure was pretty low (around 80/27).  He normally has problems with hypertension and takes 2 blood pressure medicines, so that’s REALLY low for him.  We gave him two boluses of saline to try to get it to come up but it didn’t really help  (although it might have helped keep it from dropping lower).  It finally came up to a more normal range around 6am.

– He also cried in his sleep all. night. long. on Wednesday and he would only sleep on me.  (They started a morphine drip when we got there Wednesday afternoon)

– By Thursday morning, however, he was sleeping comfortably in the crib…but he’s been sleeping constantly since then.

– Yesterday the doctor told us that if the CT looked completely normal then she might consider that he’s having a casey of ‘steroid induced psychosis.’  She said she’s seen it in one other toddler and they gave the little girl phenegren to treat it.  Technically, Brock is too young for phenegren but we were going to try it if the CT looked fine.  I’m not sure what her plan is now that it showed the urine retention. 

– So it looks like the culprits could be withdrawl from the pain meds, unexplained bladder retention, regular steroid aggitation, or ‘steroid induced psychosis.’  Or some combination of those.

April 28, 2010

back in the hospital

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-back in the hospital, trying to figure out why he’s screaming all the time.
-ct of brain looked normal.
-ct of chest and abdomen tomorrow
-blood pressure kind of low. giving bolus of fluid to try to raise it

April 24, 2010

back to cranky

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– brock screamed at the top of his lungs for 6 hours yesterday. (and oh how i wish i were exaggerating)

– doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with him and thinks it’s withdrawl (again) so we went back to what his dose was a few days ago.

– it’s only helped marginally. this morning he was ok if you were holding him but screamed otherwise. this afternoon he’s back to just screaming.

– on call dr (who happens to be B’s main oncologist) thinks it’s partly “i feel crappy b/c of chemo and steroids.”

– still eating a little
– no fevers!!!!!!!

prayer requests:
– that B will be able to calm down
– patience for jay, jaycie, and me. it’s incredibly draining to listen to him scream all the time (and to hold him all the time)

April 22, 2010

less cranky day

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in a hurry so bullets

– ER couldn’t find anything wrong with him.  abdominal xray looked ok.  did an ultrasound and the only thing it showed was that his bladder was fuller than normal.  weird.

– he’s been less cranky today (praise the Lord!!!)

– HE’S EATING!!!!!  i guess the steroids made him hungry enough to be able to eat.  eat ate part of sissy’s apple at lunch, 1/2 a jay of banana baby food, and lots of cheerios.

– my husband is the BEST husband and father in the world.  he was in the ER with B from 6pm-12am last night then came home, mixed and hooked up his iv meds, cleaned the kitchen, hooked up his second iv meds and finally went to bed around 4am.  and let me sleep the whole time.

– i forgot to thank a very important group of people in my last post.  thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has sent jaycie things in the mail.  it definitely makes her feel special and you’re teaching her lots about giving too!

April 21, 2010

Cranky Day

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The spinal tap went well yesterday.  Praise the Lord!  His spinal fluid is still cancer-free and he sedated just enough for them to get the job done.  He was a little sleepy yesterday, but generally happy and in good spirits.

Today, a different story.  He’s been miserable all. day. long.  This morning he would scream if I wasn’t holding him.  By this afternoon he was screaming even when I was holding him.  He hasn’t had a bowel movement today (and Jay and I can’t remember if he had one yesterday or not) so that might be causing him some pain.  Who knows!  There are definite advantages to going through this with a baby…like I don’t have to explain to him when we go in for a surgery or a procedures…and he’s too young to mourn the life he had before cancer.  But there are definite disadvantages too…and not being able to tell us what’s bothering him is certainly one of them.

The clinic advised us to take him to the ER if the agitation got worse and so I layed him down in his crib while I got all of the stuff ready to go and, of course, by the time I had our stuff together he had fallen asleep.  Jay will probably take Brock as soon as he wakes up while I take Jaycie to church tonight.  I would imagine they’ll want to do an abdominal xray to see if he has an obstruction.

– that he did so well for the LP (spinal tap) yesterday

Prayer Requests:
– that we’ll be able to figure out what’s bothering him and that it will be something that’s easy to correct

April 19, 2010

Forging Ahead

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Brock had a clinic appointment today to check blood counts and get the needle on his port changed.  They also took the dressing off his incision and chest tube hole.  The incision looks great…the hole where the chest tube was looks a little icky.

The group of oncologists met last week and decided that since they were able to get a significant amount of infection out of his lung that we should move forward with delayed intensification.  Tomorrow.  Jay and I have been praying for wisdom regarding whether or not to do DI and it’s a little reassuring to know that the doctors are in agreement on this (because in the past they haven’t been).

So he’ll go in tomorrow for a spinal tap (to get chemo into his spinal fluid) and for 2 kinds of chemo through his port.  He’ll also start steroids for 1 week.  This will be the first time he’s been on steroids since October.  Those side effects are usually the worst so I’m a little nervous about that.

By the way, the fungal infection is NOT gone.  There’s no way they could’ve removed all of it and even if they had it’s still in his kidney, liver, spleen, bone, eyes…  Please pray that as his counts drop with this round of chemo that the infection will not spread and get worse.  That’s the riskiest part of this and our biggest concern.  A great number of kids with cancer don’t die from the cancer, they die from infections…and Brock sill has serious infection throughout his body.

Brock made a little friend at clinic today.  A sweet 3 year old boy took it upon himself to entertain Brock while we were waiting.  His dad told me that they’d heard of us….it still shocks me when thing’s like that happen.  To K’s mom – if you guys have a blog or caringbridge page, would you mind leaving the link for me?  I’d love to be able to know how to pray specifically for him.

A few more things…

To Will’s wife (I apologize that I don’t remember your name) – thank you for the cake balls!  They were fantastic!  Jaycie loved the carrot cake ones.

To the PCBC Strong Foundations SS Class – thank you for providing dinners for us last week!

To “the committee” – thank you for the credits at Super Suppers (and for everything else).  I love you girls.

Thank you to the PICU and Hem/Onc nurses who take such good care of our baby.  And to the wonderful doctors, surgeons, and PAs who spend so much of their time caring for other people’s children.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a tshirt/bag/mug/etc from cafepress!

Thank you to everyone who came to the hospital on the day of surgery to sit with us.  You definitely helped the time go by faster!

Many, many thanks to everyone who has donated to the Brock Hart Fund.  God has taught me so much about generosity through you all and your giving spirit.  There are many medical bills we wouldn’t have been able to pay if it weren’t for you and we are so grateful.

Above all, thank you for praying for us and continuing to walk this road with us.  We love you!

(why you should never leave a 1 year old alone with a box of tissues)


April 16, 2010

Apr 16, 2010

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The oncologist that we talked to yesterady said that there was some disagreement about how the xray from the ER looked.  He pulled up lots of recent xrays (before and after surgery and the ones from the ER) and he said he didn’t think the one from the ER looked any different.

He also said it could be withdrawl from the morphine that was making him so cranky so he wrote us a new rx and a weaning plan that we can do at home.

Brock’s been only slightly less fussy today.  I’m starting to wondering if it’s plain old separation anxiety.  He cries every time I put him down and that’s totally out of character for him.  Who knows.  We’re so used to dealing with sick-kid stuff that the normal-kid stuff doesn’t even cross out minds.

Thank you so much for praying with us during this time of surgery and recovery.  I am completely amazed and grateful at how God answered those prayers.  Things could have gone SO much worse than they did.  The fact that he didn’t need to be on a ventilator after surgery: miracle.  The fact that he his breathing wasn’t labored and he wasn’t in distress: miracle.  The fact that we were home four days after surgery: miracle!  God is so good and we’re so thankful for how he’s continuing to work in Brock’s life.  I pray that Jay and I are living our lives in a way to give Him all the glory for the things he’s done…and I pray that Brock will someday do the same.

April 15, 2010

Back Home

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Back in the hospital

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Brock screamed most of the day yestesrday if Jay or I wasn’t holding him.  By 4:30 we called the on call doctor (who gave us his cell phone number – do we have the best doctors, or what??) and he thought we should take him to the ER.  They did a chest xray and it looked a little cloudier than the one from 2 days before so they started him on an antibiotic.  They thought the fussiness could be withdrawl from stopping the morphine drip so they started him on a morphine taper as well.

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