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November 2, 2009

Nov 2, 2009

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I keep trying to start paragraphs and everything comes out jumbled so I’ll attempt bullets instead.  (blame it on my analytical “math” brain)

– he’s still very, very swollen.  (this is what’s causing him to not be able to breathe)  they’re giving him some medicines to try to reduce the amount of fluid in his body.  i’m praying it works, despite the fact that it hasn’t been very successful in the past.

– if it doesn’t work then they’ll re-visit the idea of putting him on dialysis.  however, they did tell us that it’s “just a theory” that the dialysis would help pull out the fluids.  there’s not a guarantee that it would work.

– they gave us 2 reasons for what could be causing his liver and spleen to be so enlarged:
1 – some type of bacterial infection in those organs.  if that’s the case, there’s not much more they can do besides what they’re already doing (giving him really strong antibiotics and praying his white cells go up)
2 – the leukemia might’ve returned.  when he was diagnosed, one of the symptoms he had was an enlarged liver and spleen (though it wasn’t nearly as big as it is now).  they did another bone marrow aspiration and biopsy today to see if there were any leukemic cells.  (there were none at his last bone marrow aspiration 3 weeks ago)  i’m not sure how long it will be until we get those results.

– out of those 2 possibilities, they’re leaning toward it being some type of infection based on the fact that the last ultrasound they did of his liver/spleen showed a few “spots” on them, which usually indicates infection.

– they’ve put in a feeding tube and are giving him breastmilk (yay!) through it.  finally, there’s something i feel like i can DO for him.

– this afternoon his 02 saturation levels have been dropping to around 88-91%.  pray that they would get back up to 100% and stay there!

– there was no internal bleeding
– that he’s no longer hurting or struggling for each breath
– that we have so many people supporting and praying for us.  (there is no way i could adquately expressed how overwhelmed we are by the love and support from friends and even strangers)

Prayer Requests:
– that his swelling would go away!!  this is the biggest concern right now b/c 1)there’s not really a good way to treat it and 2)it’s what’s causing him to not be able to breathe and require a ventilator.  please pray that God would miraculously reduce the swelling in every area of his body.
– that the swollen liver/spleen isn’t a symptom that the leukemia has returned
– that his body would continue to make WBC so that he has something to fight with.
– that his body would be getting sufficient oxygen from the ventilator.
– that Jaycie would feel loved and secure during this time.

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