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October 30, 2009

Oct 30, 2009

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*deep breath* (good news at the end, though)

It was a rough night.  He had a fever most of the night.  It got up to 103.3 at one point.  They gave him tylenol and drew a blood culture.  Each time his fever goes up, his heartrate goes up as well so they also gave him another bolis of fluids to get his heartrate back down.

Also, his blood pressure steadily dropped over night.  They told us our cut off point for when they would get very concerned was 90/45.  It was 98/47 this morning.  We check it just a little bit later and it was back up to 102/54. 

When those 2 things happen (high fever, low bp) they’re concerned about him going into septic shock.

To give you some ideas of how serious things are:
– they had 2 ICU doctors come up and look at him last night.  They said they wanted to see what he looked like, that way if he ended up in the ICU later they would have something to compare to.
– they still won’t let him eat or drink anything because they’re afraid if he crashes he might aspirate something into his lungs.
– we have been keeping his id bracelet on his iv pole, but they made us put it back on his leg just in case “something happens.”


(well, a little more bad news and then some good)

His CBC last night showed that his WBC (white blood count) had dropped to 50 (which I didn’t even know was possible – I thought 100 was the lowest they could measure)

BUT!  This morning it had come back up to 100.  That’s the first time it’s moved up in weeks, so that’s fantastic!

Also, they measure for 2 different types of white cells (segs and bands).  He hasn’t had any of either type for quite awhile, but this morning he had 20 segs.

So those 2 things indicate that hopefully his WBC is on the way back up (which is what we need in order to fight all of these infections and get him better).

So thank you all for praying and please continue to do so!

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