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October 29, 2009

Oct 29, 2009

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I (Jay) just wanted to give everyone a quick morning update.  Last night was not a great night for us.  Brock’s O2 levels continued to stay low, so we got a blood transfusion late last night.  Along w/ that comes a nurse to check vitals every hour while we are getting blood.  He spiked a pretty good fever around 7ish last night and it broke around 10pm.  So that was good, but yet he spiked another big temp around 2am this morning, and I am thinking it broke around 7am. Brother had a very restless night so I know he isn’t doing great.  One praise is that Brother was awake and watching things going on for most of the evening.  From about 5ish all the way till after our 9pm shot and meds. He also ate a jar of baby food, which is encouraging to me.  I think lowering the morphine was a great thing.  So lets just hope that when momma gets here later this morning he will be able to nurse.
Please pray that this low temp with occassional spikes stops
and that he continues to be alert and eat.  Also pray that ‘V’ and I have patience on waiting on brother to start making his white cells, I know I am having a tough time just waiting.  Thank you for all that everyone is doing, We are truly so blessed.

Vanessa will probably have a good update after we hear from the DR today.

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