Brock Rocks

October 29, 2009

Oct 29, 2009

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Things are very serious up here.  Brock’s heart rate and blood pressure have been pretty elevated and his oxygen level is low.  They’ve given him a bolis (sp) of fluids in the hopes that it will bring his heartrate down.

The doctors have told us that he is septic.  We are watching him very carefully overnight.  The hematologist wants him to not eat or drink anything overnight.  They’re worried that if he crashes he might aspirate something into his lungs.

We won’t have the official results of the CT scan until the morning, but our hematologist looked at it with us and said there didn’t appear to be any fungal lesions anywhere.  But, like I said earlier, sometimes they won’t show up whenever the WBC is so low, so they’re starting him on a heavy duty anti-fungal (the side effects of which can be really hard on him). 

The CT scan also showed a little bit of pneumonia on his left lung.  They’ve started him on a 3rd antibiotic.

Please pray that he stays stable overnight and starts improving soon.

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