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October 26, 2009

Oct 26, 2009

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– Brock was supposed to get more chemo this Thursday but we’re having to wait until his bottom clears up (which is frustrating).  Thank you to everyone who has suggested ways to clear it up, but it really is too severe for any of that.  We’re fighting yeast, bacteria, and broken down skin with a combination of anti-fungals, antibiotics, and barrier creams.

– They’ve put him on a morphine drip to help control his pain.  It’s a much smaller amount than a regular dose would be.  That should be more effective than trying to guess when he’s really in pain.

– They did a few tests to see if we could take him off the TPN but his protein levels were still too low (which isn’t surprising given he’s only eaten grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, and pancakes all week).

– He spiked a fever again so they put him back on a broad-spectrum, heavy-duty antibiotic. 

– He’s gotten a few mouth sores so they put him on an oral anti-fungal as well.

– Jaycie had a really hard time when I had to leave her for school today.  Lots of clinging and tears (by both of us).

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