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October 22, 2009

Oct 22, 2009

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Bullets again.  Too tired to be cohesive.  (or is it coherent?)  See!

– had a few worrisome hours last night over Brock’s blood pressure being too high.  it’s back down now.  thank you to all who prayed and thank you, Lord, for hearing those prayers.

– he’s been really cranky/miserable/intolerable yesterday evening and all of today.  it’s hard to know if it’s b/c of the steroid he’s on, or if he’s hurting b/c of the chemo he got yesterday.  pray for wisdom in assessing and managing his pain.

– he’s also had a hard time sleeping the last 2-3 nights.  it takes him a long time to fall asleep and when he does it’s a fitful, restless sleep.  again, could be from the steroid.  pray that he (and us) would get a few peaceful nights sleep.

– like Jay said in the last post, his hair is really starting to fall out.  cutest balding baby i know, though.

– Jaycie is starting to have a hard time with all the changes.  she’s getting tired of being shuffled back and forth between parents.  she gets upset whenever we switch off and wants to stay with whoever she was with “forever!!”  pray that God would help her deal with all of the changes…give her peace and a sense of security.

– we don’t really have a firm date on when we’ll get to go home so please pray that we can bring Brock home some time next week.

– thank you to everyone who prayed for his poor little bum.  🙂  it is finally starting to get better.  thank you, Lord!

– several months ago Jaycie came up with this “perfect! idea!” for what she (and the rest of the family) could be for Halloween.  she wanted to be the little girl (Jane) from Mary Poppins and she wanted Brock to be the little boy (Michael).  and so of course she thought it would be perfect if I dressed up as Mary Poppins and Jay as Bert (b/c she thinks Mary Poppins and Bert are Jane and Miachael’s parents).  i have to say, i’m very proud of her creativity!  i have a wonderful friend who has helped me with the costumes.  i know it might seem silly, but since it means so much to jaycie, please pray that we’ll all get to be together as a family for Halloween.  (remember, she’s not allowed up at the hospital anymore)

thanks for continuing to check in on us.  we love you all.


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