Brock Rocks

October 22, 2009

Oct 22, 2009

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(Jay)  I probably should of just updated V’s journal entry but what the hey….I just wanted yall to know that answered prayer comes on God’s time….As V just mentioned Brock has had a couple of rough nights lately, just not getting into a deep sleep, and wanting to be held a lot.  Well I love when God does answer prayer, Brock right now is sleeping on the bed by himself, and he seems to be doing very well.  B/C of this i get to eat some dinner and get some work done.  First off thank you God for answering our prayers.  Now i just pray that this will continue all night, well as much as the nurses will let us, and I pray that Vanessa will get some rest tonight as well.  I know its no suprise to any of you, but Vanessa is an absolutely wonderfull mom.  There aren’t words that would do her justice but when she reads this I want her to know how proud, and honored I am to have her as my wife, and how lucky both Jaycie and Brock are to have her as their MOM.  Thank you Vanessa for being exactly who God wants you to be, and thank you for saying yes to me.  I Love you Angel.

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