Brock Rocks

October 21, 2009

Oct 21, 2009

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(Jay)  Hey everyone, boyz night last night was pretty good….We ate a little and played…The highlight last night was that sissy got to watch brother hanging out over the internet. Of course it isn’t as good as seeing him, but we are trying.  Brother’s hair has really started to fall out, he is starting to look like Papa (hart) and getting a little bald in the back..HAHA.  It is just another step in process.  To be honest, I know its just hair and it will grow back etc etc….but when he does lose it, it will be a very visible sign of his illness.  I just have a lot of feelings about all of this…ok just so you know i have tried to cont this segment, and I just don’t know how to express what I feel into words, so we are moving on to the next topic….
Brock was scheduled to get a spinal tap this morning…BUT they came in about 9am and told us his platelet count was too low. Anyway, if you get this pray that Brock hangs in there with no milk for a couple more hours at the least I hope. And that all goes well with the tap.  We are never sure exactly how much pain he is in afterwards or if he is just uncomfortable with a little soreness.  Thanks for listening to me sorrry for going on and on.  And thank you for all the prayers!

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