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October 17, 2009

Oct 17, 2009

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We talked with the doctor today and since Brock has lost 10% of his body weight, we’re going to start giving him nutrition through his port (TPN).  I have mixed feelings about this.  Of course I don’t want him to lose anymore weight and I want him to get some nourishment so that he’ll feel better.  But I’m worried that being on the TPN will make him have no appetite at all and that I won’t be able to keep my milk supply up.  Dr. Blood said they’ll do the TPN until he starts eating again…and if he doesn’t start eating (enough) then they’ll put a feeding tube in (which would be the worst case scenario).

She also had the final results of the genetic testing.  It turns out it wasn’t the 2 chromosones stuck together that I told you about last night.  It turns out the problem was with a different set of chromosones – one that’s not very common with ALL, which means it doesn’t really tell us anything about which risk category he’s in.  So it’s still great news that he doesn’t have the MLL rearrangment but what we do know is pretty inconclusive.  Because of that, we’re not going to re-evaluate treatment plan and we’re just going to leave him on the plan he’s been on (high-intensity chemo for 1 year).

Brock is doing slightly better today.  He’s been awake a little more than he was yesterday, but he still feels pretty yucky.  This is day 9 of his induction phase and Dr. Blood said this is about when the kids bottom out.  His white count is going up, though, so hopefully he’ll turn the corner really soon.  His platelet count shot way up after the transfusion yesterday, which is also a good sign.  Hopefully he’ll continue to feel better over the next several days.

– how well Brock’s responded to the chemo
– that he doesn’t have the MLL rearrangement
– the amount of love and support we’ve seen from our family and friends

Prayer Requests:
– that we can get rid of the blood infection
– that Brock will start feeling better soon
– that he’ll start eating and we can avoid a feeding tube
– his little bottom has some serious sores on them (side effect of the chemo) so please pray that that heals soon.  it’s causing him an awful lot of pain

I’ve really debated about adding this last part….I hope it doesn’t seem inappropriate.  A friend of mine set this up all on her own (without my knowledge) but I thought some of you might be interested.  I’ll post a photo that has all the info.

Mollipop Photography
Fall Photo Shoots
Sat, Oct 24th 11am – 3pm
MWC Regional Park (Morris McGee Pavillion)
100% of session fees go to Baby Brock

Thank you, again, for all you’ve done for us.  Your prayers, support, and words of encouragement help make each day a little easier.  We love you.

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