Brock Rocks

October 16, 2009

Oct 16, 2009

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(jay) Well in the wake of good news some other things have happened….around 2am this morning they informed me that brother had something in his culture.  I haven’t talked to the Dr yet to get a full understanding of what that means.  But we are on a new medicine, and will be on that I think for about 10days or so.  Another set back for us, is the new regulations sent down to the hospital, is that no one under the age of 12 is allowed in the hospital, and we think no more than 2 visitors to see brother.  The visitor thing isn’t a big deal at all….the hard part is that jaycie isn’t aloud to come up and see her brother.  We haven’t got all the details, and hopefully we can find something that will work.  We know its for the safety of the patients, just like Brock, its just one small hurdle we will have to jump over. 

I also wanted to commit on the great news we did get yesterday. Brother is quite a little man, when the Dr. came in she said she wasn’t surprised that Brock again has done so good.  She said it was “better than awesome”.  She told us congrats on such great news, and I think she is very aware of all the prayer this little man has going is just unreal! ! I am so blown away by everything that is happening.  Brother is waking up, and we will have more when vanessa gets here and we talk to the Dr.

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