Brock Rocks

October 16, 2009

Oct 16, 2009

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Brock had a rough day today.  He just didn’t feel good at all.  He slept most of the day and wasn’t very happy during the times he was awake.  (Papa John did get him to smile a little though).  He got platelets this afternoon and he’s getting a blood transfusion right now, so that should help him to feel a little better.

As Jay said this morning, something grew on his blood cultures overnight, indicating that he has some type of blood infection.  They’ve changed his antibiotics hoping that these new drugs will kill whatever it is.

Jaycie is having a hard time dealing with the new policy that doesn’t allow her to be in the hospital at all.  After we said our prayers last night, she started crying about not being able to come see “Brother” anymore.  Please remember her when you’re praying this week.  It’s just so hard for a 3 year old to understand.

We did receive GREAT news today!!  (I probably should’ve started the post that way).  We’ve been waiting on some genetic testing that would let us know which risk category Brock is in.  There is a certain type of genetic arrangement (I believe it’s a translocation, but might be wrong) called MLL that has a poor prognosis for acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients.  BROCK DOES NOT HAVE THE MLL GENE!  Dr. Blood believes he has a different type of genetic issue where 2 chromosones are stuck together.  We’re waiting on one more lab result to confirm.  If that’s true, it would mean Brock has the best possible prognsis there is!  It would also mean we would have to re-evaluate his treatment plan.  (If I’m boring you with the medical stuff please feel free to skip to the end.) 🙂  Children that are under 1 year of age at the time of diagnosis go through a more rigorous chemo schedule than children that are older than 1.  (Brock was 18 days short of being 1 when he was diagnosed.)  This is because infants with ALL are harder to get into remission and more likely to relapse.  However, Dr. Blood (and others) seem to think that that has more to do with the MLL gene than the actual age.  So if his genetic testing ends up showing that he is in the very lowest risk category of all types of ALL, then Dr. Blood will be talking with other experts about whether or not it’s safe/smart to change Brock to the less intense chemo schedule.  The entire schedule would be longer in duration, but it would be less intense and he would get less chemo overall (which would mean less potentially harmful side effects now and in the future).


– The GREAT news about the genetic testing.

Prayer Requests:
– That the doctors would have wisdom about which treatment schedule to put Brock on.
– That Brock’s blood infection would GO! AWAY! and that he would stay infection free during this critical time.
– That Jaycie will have an easier time dealing with the family changes we’re experiencing.

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