Brock Rocks

October 12, 2009

Oct 12, 2009

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Ok well its Jay writing one of these….i know i know it is a lot better coming from vanessa.  Anyway, last night was guys night.  Dad and i stayed up here w/ brother and made vanessa go home 1. to spend special time w/ jaycie 2. to go home and get a good nights sleep.  I am pretty sure both of those things happened.  Last night was a good night all was well except from the little pain from the foley, he was agrivated for no more than 5min and back to sleep.  His cath fell off/broke about 6:30ish this morning and luckily the nurse said we would not have to re-insert it.  Which was great! 
As of this morning we have had a great energy and a lot of playing time. And some more chocolate chip muffins (shh don’t tell mommy).  Dr. Blood came in and told us he is doing great.  I don’t have any number printed out yet ‘V’ will probably give ya those.  She felt around on his belly, and Brock’s Spleen was shrunk way back down to normal. So that means its all working GREAT.  I have posted a new pic of his fresh new hair cut…big boy is looking good. ok well i am not good at this, and figure i ought to stop before i sound well…..

I know vanessa has told you all how much we are greatful to have friends like all of you. I want to tell you as well w/ a very greatful heart how much I not only thank you for all everyone has done, but for the prayers.  This little man is working hard but i want you to know that it b/c of YOUR PRAYERS that his numbers are impressing the doctors.  I wish you could just see a glimpse into my heart so that you know just how thankful I am.  One last thing, all of you that have been encouraging ‘V’ I personally saying thank you.  I know i used to make fun of facebook, and give her a hard time with her “DYK”  Seeing the prayers and notes on her facebook just overwhelmed her with a lot of love.  And you DYK girls are just amazing and to me that is the most different wonderful frienship i have ever seen, and i wouldn’t mind builing our house in the compound.  Thank you for being so encourageing to my dear wife, it is just amazing.

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