Brock Rocks

October 9, 2009

Oct 9, 2009

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Brock had another blood transfusion this afternoon and he’s a new man now!  It’s amazing to see the difference it makes in him.  He’d been sleeping most of the day and 45 minutes after they started the transfusion he was back to his normal self.  He even got down on a blanket on the floor and played for awhile (for the first time in days).  He was also able to eat a little more. 
He’ll get more platelets tomorrow and continue receiving blood and platelets every 3-4 days.  Several people have asked about donating blood in his name.  As far as I understand, when you give blood (or platelets) in his name OBI keeps record of it and then lets our insurance company know.  Some insurance companies (and I’m not sure if ours is one of them or not) give discounts for donations to the patient.  [I haven’t spoken with anyone from OBI so if I’m wrong someone please feel free to correct me]

His doctor has talked with us more about this stage of his therapy and how his body is responding.  The drugs that they’re giving him are completely wiping out his immune system.  Because of that the doctor has requested that we limit his contact to as few people as possible.  If you come to see us we can meet you outside of his pod to visit for awhile but they won’t let you back to where he is.

He starts a new type of chemo drug tomorrow and because of the side effects of it they’ll have to insert a foley catheter.  He’ll have that in for about 60 hours. 

– Brock is feeling MUCH better after his transfusion.
– Jaycie spent most of the day up here today and had a great time.
– Jay got to take Jaycie home tonight to sleep in her own bed.
– We received some numbers from Brock’s first CBC that indicate that he isn’t at a significantly higher risk of relapse.

  • Prayer Requests: (in addition to the ones I’ve already mentioned)
    – That everything goes well with the foley catheter.
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