Brock Rocks

October 8, 2009

Oct 8, 2009

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Several people have asked me about what symptoms and signs led us to take Brock to the doctor in the first place, so here’s a little of the back story.

Last week (the first week of October, maybe?  I’ve lost track) Jay and I noticed a lump on the back of Brock’s head.  We took him to our pediatrician who examined him and told us that it was most likely swollen lymph nodes from his body trying to fight a virus (which is very common in children.)  Over the weekend, however, he developed new symptoms.  He got a rash on his legs and arms that look like hundreds of red pin prick dots (petechiae), bruises that I didn’t know how he’d gotten, blood blisters in his mouth, and a swollen belly.  He also just wasn’t acting like himself.  He didn’t want to play, just wanted us to hold him, wasn’t sleeping well.

So we took him back to the pediatrician on Tuesday, October 6.  He checked out all of his new symptoms, brought in 2 other doctors in the practice to look at him, and then sent us to the lab for bloodwork.  He called back later that afternoon with the results, saying that Brock’s platelets were extremely low (they were 3,000 and normal is 150,000-450,000) and that he wanted to admit him to childrens to be seen by a hematologist.

The rest was a whirlwind.  They did more lab work, gave him some platelets, blood, and fluids, and scheduled a bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap for the following morning.  The results of the biopsy are what let us know that it’s ALL.

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